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SHANKS PONY – meaning : A term for being on foot

Shanks Pony is a guided walking tour led by Charlie Ironside around George Smith Smugglers trails in Glenlivet . We commence at The Glenlivet Distillery, visiting 16th Century Blairfindy Castle, a fine example of a fortified tower house. We progress to Josie’s Well, the underground water source of The Glenlivet and then onto Peat Reek Bothy, our hillside Bothy/shelter housing whisky smuggling artefacts where we stop for a complimentary wee dram. We continue across the heather to the site of the original Glenlivet Distillery build 1824 at Upper Drumin. We then follow the Smugglers Trail across the hill to pass Minmore House, formerly a Smith family residence before our return to The Glenlivet . This is a beautiful walk with some inclines amidst stunning scenery and wildlife.

Moderate fitness and mobility are required (not too fit, so Charlie can keep up!) Bring along waterproof clothing and stout footwear. Please allow approximately 2 or three hours for this excursion.

Walking Distance – approximately 3 miles

Maximum groups of 6

Price per person £60

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