Environmental Policy 2017-10-05T14:27:48+00:00

Glenlivet Hill Trek are committed to providing a good quality service whilst also minimising the environmental impact of our activities, and delivering environmental management practices and in using the Cairngorms brand, we will continue to do so.

The delivery of sustainable practises ensures the continued enjoyment of the environment of Scotland for future generations.

We are committed to:-

• Adhere to good environmental practice in all business activities.
• Continuous reduction of polluting activities.
• Comply with all environmental legislation and codes of practice
• Assess the environmental impact of all current and likely future operations
• Continually seek to improve our environmental performance
• Reduce pollution (waste and emissions) caused by our operations
• Encourage participation in environmental issues
• Expect similar environmental standards from suppliers
• Encourage and educate our customers regarding the environment
• Involve the local community on any environmental issues

Our commitment to the delivery of best practice environmental management and ongoing improvement is confirmed.

Environmental Policy 2017